Engaging Animation to Attract Investors

We’re excited about a project recently created by Artery Studios for enVVeno Medical Corporation. They approached us to create an animation, to introduce their first-in-class implant for the treatment of deep vein Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI), that would educate investors and attract funding.

Our challenge was to strike a balance between showcasing the device and didactic communication of the medical issues. Potential stakeholders needed to understand the problem being solved to make an informed investment decision.

Ultimately, over 70% of the animation focused on education related to the venous system including: the deep veins of the leg; venous muscle pumping; one-way valves; incompetent valves; and CVI. The remainder focused on the VenoValve features – a one-way porcine valve inserted into the femoral vein that prevents reflux of blood through the entire lower limb.

Animations like this from Artery Studios inform and capture attention with their inherent impact and crystal-clarity.

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