Portraying Innovation – Highlighting breakthrough concepts

Animations demonstrate cutting-edge features 

Artery Studios was recently approached by Hydrolap Inc. to create a medical device animation showcasing their innovative surgical tool: their Hydro-Dissection Laparoscopic Grasper.


Artery Studios’ animations provide medical device companies with impactful, effective tools to educate viewers on the potential of their device, by distilling down the scientific, materials engineering, surgical technique, medical outcomes and other key information their target audience needs to know. Visuals can be integrated at several places along the pipeline, including at the early stage. Having one of our animations in hand early, helps “bridge the gap” between a device prototype and demonstrating its potential, for prospective investors to gain clarity. Later stage medical animations can highlight more detailed features, integrate company branding, align with instructions for use visuals, etc.


For Hydrolap’s investor communications, we opened the animation with basic education on the surgical technique, introducing the critical view a surgeon must obtain during cholecystectomy, and demonstrating the current practice of grasper-led mechanical dissection, showing common complications. The device is then displayed in a highly-rendered, beautiful manner, to capture the viewer’s attention and communicate its key components and functionality. The movie finishes by showing the novel application of hydro-dissection in laparoscopic cholecystectomy for gangrenous gallbladders, portraying how the device easily dissects away adherent bowel and omentum with minimal complications.


If you have any questions about our process or are interested in discussing your communication needs, please contact us.