Showcase Your Device Technology with Clear Visuals

Xpan Inc. is an early-stage life science company, actively raising capital to commercialize their Universal Trocar System used in routine mini-laparoscopic surgeries and emergencies. Zaid Atto, Founder and CEO, approached us to create an eye-catching animation to display on their website and feature at conferences. Xpan’s system addresses the market need to reduce the risks associated with trocar insertion and alleviate removal and reinsertion of varying trocar and instrument sizes in surgeries such as colorectal cancer, pediatric and emergency procedures.  

Artery Studios developed a cutting-edge, sleek animation that effectively visualizes Xpan’s technology and Unique Selling Proposition. We highlighted the system’s proprietary features, including its dilatable outer sheath and rigid cannula, that allows for reliable coaxial expansion. It also showcases entry technique options as well as the system’s ability to expand intraoperatively, with effortless upsizing from 3mm through to 12mm, for use in conventional/mini/robotic procedures. 

Xpan was delighted by the positive response they received on the animation, commenting that Artery Studios created “an elegant animation which has become a valuable marketing and storytelling asset” for the company. With our animation in hand, Xpan has seen tremendous success in their most recent conference season and fundraising efforts, including becoming: a RESI Innovator’s Pitch Challenge finalist; a NCC-PDI’s prestigious “Your Medical Device Pitch for Kids” competition top five finalist; and one of the Effervescence Start-Up pitch competition’s top 10 finalists. 

Animations like this from Artery Studios inform and capture attention with their inherent impact and crystal-clarity.

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